Natural Tattoo Removal VS. Laser Tattoo Removal

The Laser 'Removal' Myth

The natural tattoo removal method by Tatt2Away is better than the laser tattoo removal process. Laser tattoo removal utilizes pulses of light to heat up the sub-dermal pigment and break it into smaller particles that are carried off into the body by white blood cells. Calling laser treatment “removal” is overstated, as it only drives ink deeper into your body, not truly removing it. Studies show ink can remain forever, collecting in lymphatics, liver and kidneys and could be carcinogenic*.

When you get a tattoo, the ink is injected into the dermis layer of your skin where it soaks into fibroblast skin cells and becomes permanent, similar to a scar. This is the reason skin art can last for a lifetime. As long as the pigment particles stay in these skin cells, they do not seem to affect the body’s health. But what happens to that ink when it’s subjected to laser treatments?

Our Natural Tattoo Removal Service Provides Better Results

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natural tattoo removal vs laser tattoo removal

Some colors are more easily affected by laser treatment than others; the most challenging are whites, pinks, blues, yellows and purples. Colors like yellow #7 are known to break down into toxins that can find their way to the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, kidneys, liver and spleen.

Laser Tattoo Removal: What Medical Experts Had to Say

Dr. Jeffery l. Deal

Medical Director, Rejuvatek Medical

“A particle can have safe components in its chemical structure when it was injected, but when you hit it with a laser, you’ve turned it into something else – you’ve basically cooked it. You break it into smaller byproducts and it’s those byproducts that really are of concern.”

Bernadine Healy, MD

The Dangerous Art of the Tattoo

“Chemists from several laboratories, including the government’s National Center for Toxicological Research, have identified low levels of carcinogens in tattoo ink. But the laser removal process, which demolishes the pigment by scorching it with heat, triggers chemical reactions that generate carcinogenic and mutation-inducing breakdown products, which are then absorbed by the body. Recently, German scientists reported that concentrations of toxic molecules from red and yellow pigments increased up to 70-fold after laser irradiation. And the bigger the tattoo, the greater the toxic release.”

Risks of Laser Tattoo Removal

  • emit intense heat energy
  • thermal overload explosions fragment pigment
  • pigment particles driven deeper
  • colors require multiple unique sessions
  • ink remains in the body


Tatt2Away works with the body’s natural healing process to lift pigment out of the skin. The treatment uses a proprietary process to liberate the old ink from your skin, which is drawn into a special scab and removed. When the scab is gone (10 to 21 days), so is the ink. Best of all, the process is effective on all colors of ink.

Dr. Jeffery L. Deal

Medical Director, Rejuvatek Medical

“With Tatt2Away, you don’t just move (ink/pigment) from the skin to other parts of your system. You actually remove the tattoo. I can’t emphasize how important that is. Besides taking a knife and actually excising the skin, Tatt2Away is the only true tattoo removal process with which I’m familiar.”

Ben Kelly

Owner of Red Ocean Tattoo

“People don’t realize that laser doesn’t remove all the colors, nor do they realize the expense of it. The [performance] and the economic side of Tatt2Away are just off the charts, and that realization isn’t public understanding. Tatt2Away just outstrips laser in every single factor – price, flexibility with cover-up, number of sessions, amount of pain – laser just isn’t the same game. People think I’m crazy when I tell them what I offer is better than what they can get in a dermatologist’s office.”

Tatt2Away Advantages

  • Minimal cost and discomfort
  • works on all colors
  • uses the body's natural healing process
  • Ink actually removed from the body
  • patented process and technology

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* Penn Medicine: Think Before You Ink (2017)
  The Guardian: Tattoo ink contains cancer-causing chemicals – so why isn't it regulated? (2016)

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