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Tatt2Away works with the body’s natural healing process to lift pigment out of the skin. This is completely different from other options on the market! The treatment uses a proprietary solution to liberate the old ink from your skin, removing 35% of your tattoo’s visible pigment each session. Choose Tatt2Away as the organic solution for visible results! Non-laser tattoo removal services leave your skin looking healthier, faster. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Ranked as one of the best cities to live in the country, Draper is home to Tatt2Away's flagship location! Only 20 miles south of Salt Lake City and 25 miles north of Provo, our office serves an incredibly large tattoo removal market at 1.26 million people, but is easily accessible on 12300 South and ready to get you started on your removal! With dozens upon dozens of tattoo shops scattered throughout the metropolitan area we are always ready to help you achieve comfort in the skin you are in.

Tatt2Away's national trainer is located in the Draper, Utah office and is always ready to help whether you are wanting removal today, or just want to learn more. Be sure to visit the Draper Phenix Salon Suites and come on in to suite 102 to get more info! Whether you're in Draper or Provo, we've got you covered. Get in touch today.


Non-Laser vs. Laser Tattoo Removal Costs

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Benefits of Natural Tattoo Removal Services by Tatt2Away

All-natural, healthy, and safe tattoo removal at an Accessible Cost

Tatt2Away treatments have fewer sessions than others on the market, and at a lower cost, making them accessible to all.

Lifts Ink Out of the Body for Faster, Visible Results

Tatt2Away uses an organic process effective on all color, removing 35% of the ink each session.

Empathetic Client Care

Our technicians provide a comfortable, attentive space for clients to be treated with the utmost care in a private setting.

Patented, Effective Technology for Better Results

Premium treatments at accessible costs, our technology utilizes a mechanism of action that removes ink from the body organically and is vegan-friendly.


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If you live in Salt Lake City, Provo, or any of the surrounding areas, come visit our Draper, Utah location for a free consultation to learn more about how Tatt2Away can support your tattoo Removal, Revision, or Replacement journey.

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