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Julie Gramyk, President of A Wrinkle in Time Medical Spa, decided to add Tatt2Away to her service offerings, because there were too many problems with laser tattoo removal. Tatt2Away is a non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal system. Unlike laser, it’s effective on all ink colors and pigments, and also unlike laser, fully removes the ink from the body rather than leaving it in the liver and lymph nodes.

“Laser tattoo removal is so expensive, and it doesn’t clear away certain colors,” said Gramyk, who added that she also sees too much pigmentation damage with lasers. “I’m looking at Tatt2Away as a way to provide an elite type of service economically with full treatment results.” Although she provides other services that use lasers, such as resurfacing and skin tightening, she said “Tatt2Away is the only way I’ll remove a tattoo. It just seems the way of the future in tattoo removal.”

Originally a massage center for cancer patients, A Wrinkle in Time has gradually evolved into a place that provides skin and beauty treatments, reflecting Gramyk’s ability to fluidly and successfully meet what the market is looking for. “I like to keep up on what’s happening, and my biggest thing with anything I do is to help people get the best treatment they possibly can for the cheapest price they possibly can,” said Gramyk. “I do a lot of research before I bring something in, and Tatt2Away just made sense.” She first heard of Tatt2Away over four years ago, but didn’t decide to become a Tatt2Away location until December 2019.

“I’ve just opened to door to tell people about Tatt2Away, and I’m surprised at how many people say ‘I want this tattoo taken off’ and ‘This tattoo was a mistake’ and ‘I know somebody who…’” She adds that she did research on the efficacy and safety of the system, but not the need for it. “I figured I’ll offer it to people who need it and they’ll come. Now that I’m actually putting some feelers out, I know it’s the right tool to bring in.”

Gramyk also does permanent make up. She said probably fifty percent of the people who come to her need help fixing someone else’s bad work. “I can’t wait to call the people who have harsh eyebrows. I’m excited about the opportunity to help more people.”


Life changes and so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? We can help.

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