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JAM Studio Tattoo Removal is providing non-laser tattoo removal in Montreal. Why non-laser? If you’ve ever tried it, you know that laser tattoo removal is very painful and doesn’t always work that well. Many people find the pain too unbearable to continue after a treatment or two.

That’s why, when owner Maïka Taki Brilotti was looking to open a tattoo removal clinic in Montreal, she chose Tatt2Away. In her own words, “It is less painful, removes colors, works on all skin complexions, costs less than laser, it is way faster than the laser procedure, and the follow-up procedure is way better than laser.”

What is Tatt2Away?

The laser tattoo removal process uses pulses of light that target the subcutaneous pigment and break it down into smaller particles that are carried around the body by the white blood cells. The lymphatic system then removes as much of the ink as possible from the body, but traces of the old ink and its breakdown byproducts stay behind in the kidneys, lymph nodes, and other organs and tissues. Some colors are more easily affected by laser treatment than others; the most difficult are whites, pinks, blues, yellows, and purples. Even the latest and most expensive laser machines struggle with reflective inks, such as pigments containing white titanium dioxide.

As a laser-free tattoo removal studio, JAM uses the Tatt2Away technique. Instead of painful lasers, Tatt2Away works with the body's natural healing process to remove pigments from the skin. The proprietary treatment causes the ink particles of your old tattoo to be expelled naturally from your skin. The process is "color blind," meaning it works on all ink and skin tones, which laser treatment does not.

The Tatt2Away treatment lifts ink from the skin and removes it from the body, which prevents it from settling into your vital organs. While very dark or very light skin tends to be more sensitive regardless of the procedure or the reason for the wound, Tatt2Away does not affect the skin based on color compared to laser treatments. Most important is the person's general health and skin condition, as well as the ability and willingness to comply with follow-up procedures. Lack of compliance can compromise results regardless of skin color or skin sensitivity.

Part of the local scene

Many people have some regrets about their tattoos, but most don’t want them gone completely. A touch-up or cover-up is often the goal for people with tattoo regrets. Tatt2Away offers a unique way to approach changing or improving your tattoos. JAM Studio Tattoo Removal is not a tattoo shop, but they work with local tattoo artists to do targeted removal of old tattoos to make new body art more attainable.

By traditional methods, cover-up tattoos are very limited. They must be 2-3 times larger than the original tattoo, and use darker ink. If the tattoo you want to cover uses a lot of black ink, or is already large, it may be next to impossible to create a convincing cover-up tattoo that successfully hides what’s underneath. But by selectively removing the parts of the old tattoo that the artist identifies, JAM can help you get a new tattoo that doesn’t look like a cover-up.

Local artists are so happy with the results, they’re also referring people to JAM that just want a total removal. The non-laser method at JAM Studio Tattoo Removal in Montreal and its advantages over laser tattoo removal is the way to go.



Life changes and so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? We can help.

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