Ink Hunters (Les Chasseurs d’Encre) – Tattoo Removal Montréal QC

Ink Hunters

2124 Tillemont street
Montréal, Québec

The first non-laser tattoo removal location has opened in Canada, by the founder of Ink Hunters, Marie Lauriault in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marie has been a part of the tattoo community in Montreal and enjoyed the expression of self that body art allows. She had also seen the need to have a better way to alter or get rid of unwanted art. Feeling that a career change was in order, Marie researched, tested and contacted Tatt2Away about bringing it to everyone “north of the border.”

“Being the first is very important,” Marie says, “to have for Canada’s tattoo community the unlimited choices that Tatt2Away now allows us access to.” Most people still don’t know that laser treatments are not the only option for tattoo removal. Marie is excited to bring Tatt2Away treatment to the Montreal community.


Life changes and so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? We can help.

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