how tatt2away works

A more effective method of tattoo cover up & removal

Tatt2Away is the organic solution for tattoo removal that utilizes a natural process to actually lift ink out of the skin. Our patented technology is color independent, natural, and removes up to 35% of ink from the body each treatment.

NATURALLY removes ink from the body

Unlike other removal methods, Tatt2Away works with the body’s natural healing process to lift pigment out of the skin. The treatment uses a proprietary process to liberate the old ink from your skin, which is drawn into a special scab and removed. When the scab is gone (10 to 21 days), so is the ink. Best of all, the process is effective on all colors of ink – it’s “colorblind.”


We are able to remove 35% of your tattoo’s visible pigment in the first session. The striking before-and-after photos show how much of the tattoo is gone after just one removal. A full removal of an average-sized tattoo typically takes 3-5 sessions depending on factors like body location and ink depth.

Proven patented technology

The Tatt2Away process has worked for tens of thousands of clients and is available at over 60 certified centers throughout North America and Australia. All aspects of the patented Tatt2Away process are researched, tested, uniform, and consistent. Patented systematic precision sets Tatt2Away apart from methods, by providing consistently positive outcomes using a healthy process.

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