Electric Tattoo Parlor – Tattoo Removal Carpentersville IL

Electric Tattoo Parlor

2319 Randall Rd
Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

Electric Tattoo Parlor was opened in 2015, in Carpentersville, Illinois, with the goal of providing tattoos, tattoo removal and piercings in a very sterile, sanitary, and professional environment.

The 2,400 square-foot shop was designed by the artists with client comforts and privacy in mind. Electric Tattoo Parlor specializes in custom tattoo designs as well as custom art work, and commissioned art pieces. The staff, including owners Tom and Meagan Begley, are award-winning artists, who have worked with celebrities and made guest appearances at tattoo shops across the country.

“We want to provide the best here at Electric Tattoo Parlor,” Tom says. That means the best in new tattoos and piercings, and the best in removing old unwanted tattoos — that’s where Tatt2Away comes in.

“With Tatt2Away, we have that option for a non­laser process that takes the tattoo ink out, regardless of the color. . the ink will be removed, and the pattern disrupted,” Tom states. “The options are unlimited, giving us something more and better to offer this wonderful tattoo community of ours.”


Life changes and so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? We can help.

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