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22 Caliber Tattoo Studio
2594 Hilliard Rome Rd
Columbus, OH 43026

With three locations in Columbus, Twenty Two Caliber Tattoo Studios is a mainstay of the Ohio tattooing community. As a tattoo artist collective, they have a wide range of styles and personalities to choose from, including resident and guest artists. They’re an appointment-only shop, so be sure to call ahead to make sure you can get in.

Twenty Two Caliber’s locations strive to create an environment that is as comfortable as being at home, as well as sterile as a doctor’s office. Good cleanliness practices have always been important in the tattooing business, so they haven’t had to change very much to be covid-safe.

The owner of Twenty Two Caliber, Shawn Jarvis, has worked hard to foster an environment that’s free of the stereotypical problems of the industry. Whether it’s ipads for booking and sales or state of the art tattoo removal equipment, they use the latest technology to make everything easier on the customer.

One of the keys to a good customer experience at Twenty Two Caliber is having all the related services you need under one roof. Experienced tattoo artists, quality body piercing, and the Tatt2Away system for non-laser tattoo removal make it a one-stop shop for body art and modification. Your tattoo, piercing, or removal begins with a warm welcome, is defined by personal attention and friendly but professional service, and ends with affordable pricing. This gives customers the best experience from start to finish.

Keep an eye out for special offers and promotional discounts. Lots of people have their first tattooing experience on a friend’s kitchen table or an amateur’s dirty basement. Poor quality art and infections during the healing process are common and unfortunate. That’s why Twenty Two Caliber Tattoo Studios keeps their prices affordable: so people looking for tattoos, piercings, and tattoo removal in the Columbus area can have a good, clean, safe time, whether it’s their first tattoo or their hundredth.

Some people still ask why a tattoo studio would want to do tattoo removal. It makes more sense than you might think. Most people with multiple tattoos have regrets about at least one of them. Even though they love their tattoos, there’s often something they wish they could change or alter, or just get rid of one they’re less proud of. By offering the Tatt2Away system of non-laser tattoo removal in-house, tattoo artists and certified removal technicians can work together. You can remove just the parts of an old tattoo that are in the way of an outstanding cover-up, fix an old mistake, or just get the whole thing taken off.

Many tattoo collectors will have their older pieces removed to make room for something new. Others regret their old ink entirely, or may need a visible tattoo removed to help with a job hunt or career change. Whatever the reason you’re looking for tattoo removal, Twenty Two Caliber Tattoo Studios in Columbus, Ohio can help.

Non-laser tattoo removal with Tatt2Away fits in with the philosophy of good service, quality products, the latest technology, and affordable pricing. Tatt2Away is making waves in the industry by putting removal in the hands of the artists. It’s less painful and less expensive than laser, and actually removes the ink from the body instead of just fading it and pushing it deeper under the skin the way laser treatments do.


Life changes and so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? We can help.

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