Membership Benefits

LICENSE: Congratulations in procuring your Tatt2Away® License. Doing so gives you a significant competitive advantage and distinguishes your studio over others in your area. Being able to offer Tatt2Away and DEScoverup®, marketed properly, your license will become one of the greatest assets of your  business. In time when DMA’s are saturated and unavailable, value will skyrocket.
EXTENDED WARRANTY: If you wear out a $3,500 handpiece every other year, or other equipment, keeping your membership active is inexpensive insurance. Subject to the warranty terms and conditions of your agreement, we will make a quick replacement on any equipment that is not working properly.
TRAINING & EDUCATION: As part of your initial investment, you paid for a $2,500 training course. We spend an additional $2,500 on the average each year for each studio in collecting and assessing treatment photos, advising specific applications, helping you assist your removal clients with aftercare, researching and developing new and improved techniques, and the development and maintenance of Tatt2Away University for online courses and recertification.
REGULATORY SUPPORT: Most legislatures who make laws (health departments enforce them) did not contemplate our TEPR® process in their regulations. When states amend their regulations, as they all do from time to time, we will provide support to ensure our process is included in any proposed legislation. We spend an average of $200 per studio on regulatory support annually.