Is Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

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does tattoo removal hurt or is it painful

How Painful is Laser-Less Tattoo Removal?

Does organic tattoo removal hurt? When you consider getting your tattoo removed, one of the first questions you may ask is, “How painful will the process actually be?” The short answer is: no more painful than getting your tattoo! If you can get a tattoo, you can easily sit for the quick, mildly uncomfortable feeling of removing your tattoo with Tatt2Away.

While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, you can expect tattoo removal to feel comparable to getting a tattoo, both in sensation and pain-level. Many clients even report Tatt2Away technology is less painful than getting a tattoo. The feeling can be described as scratchy, but endurable! And isn’t it worth it? The end result with Tatt2Away is skin that you’re proud of. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Hear from one of our clients to learn what tattoo removal is like for them! Make sure to check out our FAQs page for the inside scoop on all things organic tattoo removal.

How does Tatt2Away's All-Natural Method Work?

Are you wondering how organic tattoo removal works? Before Tatt2Away’s laser-free technology was created, there were no effective ways to completely remove a tattoo without pain, residual effects to your skin, and additional health risks. There wasn’t a safe way to remove the ink from your body — until we introduced Tatt2Away.

We created Tatt2Away to challenge the market standard of breaking down the ink and pushing it into your bloodstream. We were determined to create a healthy and organic process to remove the ink from your body in a natural way.

Research, Advanced Technology, and Best Practices

is removing a tattoo organically, painful

The culmination of decades of research and best practices across dermatology and cosmetic skincare have led to Tatt2Away’s ability to completely remove a tattoo. We have FDA-approved methods and patented solutions, which means Tatt2Away actually shrinks and lifts the ink out of your body in a way that is organic to your body’s natural healing process. Check out our before and after pictures to see the results of an organic tattoo removal by Tatt2Away.

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