5 Jobs That Don't Allow Tattoos

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Five Common Jobs That Don’t Allow Tattoos

When it comes to searching for a job, many people think tattoos are now widely accepted. There’s no way a company wouldn't hire you just because you have a tattoo! While tattoos are certainly more commonplace than ever before, there are still a few careers with tight restrictions when it comes to tattoos. Follow along with Tatt2Away for the inside scoop!

The Top Professions Where Tattoos Are Not Allowed

  • Military
  • Airlines
  • Medical Professionals
  • Actors
  • Teachers/Educators

The Military’s Tattoo Policy

It’s likely no surprise that the military has strict rules and regulations when it comes to tattoos. Most branches allow some tattoos as long as they are covered when in uniform or military dress attire. Most branches prohibit any tattoos on the neck, face, tongue, or head. Tattoos on the hand may be allowed in some branches if the tattoo is a ring/wedding band tattoo, or is 1x1 inches long. The Army even allows tattoos smaller than 1 inch behind the ear!

The Airforce updated their policy on hand tattoos this year. The tattoo policy update this year now allows for hand tattoos covering less than 25% of the hand if the recruit has a waiver. It might not be long until we see other branches following suit!

Are you looking to join the military, but have tattoos that make you ineligible? Come see us at Tatt2Away and let us liberate your ink with tattoo removal! Our technology can fade your unwanted ink quicker than other methods, which gives you a head start for your career. If you are wanting to apply to a job that doesn’t allow tattoos, let us help you remove it. Be sure to check out our before and after pictures to see the results.

Airline Tattoo Policies

You might have heard rumors that you’re unable to become a flight attendant if you’re under a certain height, but what about if you have tattoos? Have you noticed that many flight attendants wear long sleeves or seemingly don’t have tattoos? This is because many airlines have tattoo restrictions.

While policies may vary from airline to airline, most companies do not allow visible tattoos (tattoos on the hands, neck, or face). Some airlines don’t allow tattoos on legs or arms if they can be seen while wearing a skirt or short sleeves. Even in today’s modern world, the airline industry may prefer client-facing professionals to have no tattoos. Certain airlines, such as United Airlines, allow for small visible tattoos. Some airlines are in the process of changing their tattoo policies though, so be on the lookout if you have tattoos and are looking to work for an airline. If you want the most opportunities for your job search though, consider removing any tattoos in visible areas with Tatt2Away.

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Medical Professional Tattoo Policy

As a medical professional, it might seem unimportant whether or not you have tattoos. However, a lot of medical professionals are required to have no visible tattoos. Some studies show more trust is built between clients and medical professionals who have no visible tattoos. 

Similar to other industries, some requirements about visible tattoos in the medical industry are changing. As tattoos become more commonplace, tattoos that fit into dress-codes (at least in the medical industry) are starting to be more welcome. If you are interested in tattoo removal services, make sure to check out Tatt2Away’s removal process to see how it works. 

Actor’s Tattoo Policies

While tons of celebrities have tattoos these days, having visible tattoos can make it harder for an aspiring artist to land roles. Extra time in the makeup chair covering tattoos or extra visual effects added in after filming, could be reasons directors won’t cast an actor for a role. Of course there are plenty of actors who have tattoos and continue to land roles. However, you may have heard of a few celebrities lately who are removing their tattoos, like Pete Davidson.

If you’re looking to remove tattoos to establish your acting brand, but don’t want to “burn them off” like Pete Davidson is doing, book with us at Tatt2Away– the body’s natural way to remove tattoos.

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Tattoo Policies for Teachers

As role models and leaders for developing minds, a lot of education systems and universities ask their staff to not have any visible tattoos, in order to set a good example for their students. Whether a school asks their staff to not display tattoos can depend on the age of the students, the reputation of the institution or school district, plus other factors. 

While there are debates about whether educators should be allowed to show tattoos, a lot of professors might choose to err on the side of caution and not have visible tattoos, so they are better able to connect with students and so there is less risk with their administration.

Remove Your Unwanted Tattoos

Despite much debate about professionals showing their tattoos, some institutions do still have strict guidelines when it comes to visible tattoos. If you’ve found yourself in an industry or career path that may not allow tattoos, and you want to remove some of the ones you already have, come see us Tatt2Away! Tatt2Away is the quickest and safest way for you to get started in your dream job. Book a free consultation on our website and find a location near you. With Tatt2Away, ink from your tattoo is removed every session, which means quicker results and visible progress.

For the latest tattoo news and trends, make sure to visit our blog. You can also contact us for more information about natural tattoo removal.

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